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Live Events

Turn your event into a destination, and give attendees that indescribable rush of being a part of something live. 


Virtual Events

Make your event go viral. Audiences around the world can tune in and share their own VIP experience. 


Hybrid Events

The perfect event isn’t online or in person; it’s both. Make your experience accessible to anyone, anywhere, any time. 


Revolutionize what it means to be an event creator.

Your audience deserves an unforgettable event experience, and you can give it to them. Whether you want to create an in-person event, a fully virtual experience, or anything in between, the power is in your hands. That means you can extend your reach further than ever before while connecting with your audience in brand new ways. You can constantly add new elements to your event to create the ultimate experience; all you need is our virtually limitless event technology solution.

Transform your event with the right toolkit. 


Sell more tickets to your experience and have your customers register in advance with customizable event pages that are tailored to your brand. Then you can take complete control over who enters your event with online access codes and RFID technology. 


You want your attendees to live and breathe your brand by creating engaging experiences they’re obsessed with. Offer exclusive games where they can collect badges and win prizes, photo and video activations they can gush over, and a mobile app to personalize their experience.


Your community is made up of passionate people all sharing a common interest: your event. Now you can integrate virtual and in-person offerings to bring them all together with onsite experiences, stream chats, viewing parties, in-app voting and polls, and so much more.   

Defy expectations with a complete technology solution.

Our complete event technology solution empowers event organizers to create tomorrow's events today. With our ever-evolving suite of tools, an expert team located across the globe, and the ability to support every type of event, we’re redefining the event industry. With us, you’ll reach new audiences, know everyone in your community like never before, and increase your bottom line, whether you’re creating a virtual experience, in-person event, or anything in between. 

Experience the power of being an industry leader.

Endless Possibilities

Discover a new era of event experiences with a complete suite of event technology.

Nonstop Engagement

Create new opportunities to fully immerse your audience every second of event day. 

Expansive Audiences

Uncover your worldwide audience by extending your event to anywhere at any time. 

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