For Our Partners: Information on COVID-19 and Your Event

For live events and organizers around the world, this is an unprecedented time; cities are banning large gatherings, and the public continues to be encouraged to practice social distancing in an effort to fight the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Our hearts go out to all the event organizers who are postponing the events that they and their teams have worked tirelessly on. 

Our company, along with all of our products, have a mission to help live event organizers create better experiences and deeper relationships with their attendees, so we’re here to support you today and through the coming months. You are not alone in this. 

Our global team is carefully tracking and monitoring official updates to help you do what’s best for your organization. During this time, rest assured that the platforms for each of our products remain online and functional, and you’ll continue to receive the same level of service from our dedicated team you’ve grown accustomed to.

In an effort to provide you with the most updated and pertinent information for your situation, we’ve listed a compilation of resources we think will be especially beneficial for event organizers. We will continue to update this information as further developments come about.

Resources For Event Safety and Information 

If you’re considering postponing or canceling your event, follow this live tracker from John Hopkins University to see the impact of COVID-19 in your state or city: 
Coronavirus Global Cases

For the World Health Organization (WHO)’s official general advice on the public health aspects of events and mass gatherings:
WHO’s Event Planning Recommendations for Mass Gatherings 
WHO’s Key Public Health Considerations for Mass Gatherings 

For information about local restrictions on large gatherings, please refer to your local government’s website. 

For general updates and information about the coronavirus, refer to these references:

World Health Organization (WHO)

Coronavirus information

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Coronavirus information
Coronavirus Situation Summary Update
Guidance for Mass Gatherings

For resources on the coronavirus specific to your country, refer to this list:

COVID-19 Country-Specific Information