Patron Technology COVID-19 Company Update

July 28, 2020

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has profoundly impacted our industry, and society as a whole, and that the prospect of soon returning to our traditional business is becoming further into the future. The longer there are restrictions on mass gatherings, and the longer the event landscape remains uncertain, the more we need to evaluate and adapt our business operations.

In order for us to effectively work towards the future and provide essential support to our clients, we’ve had to adjust our operating and staffing levels to match the reality of our industry. We know that we’re not alone in having to take these steps, but it’s difficult nonetheless. We want to thank our dedicated team members who we’ve worked alongside over the past several years. Your expertise and enthusiasm has helped transform Patron Technology into what it is now. You’ll be greatly missed, but we hope we’ll be able to work together again soon.

We still believe in our core mission of helping clients create incredible events that engage their attendees and bring their community together, which is why we’re continuing to curate our product offering and add valuable features to help our clients keep their customers safe when it’s time to reopen. We’re also actively developing new technology to serve our industry, both today and long into the future, including our virtual events solution we launched earlier this year. 

Our team is full of deeply passionate, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable people, and that hasn’t changed. Our doors are open, and we’ll continue looking for opportunities to help new and existing clients grow their events and become virtually limitless.

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