Our Commitment to Justice, Equality, and Human Rights

Black Lives Matter

At Patron Technology, we stand for human dignity and fundamental rights, and for justice and equality. Racism, violence, and prejudice will never win in our societies. Fairness and equality are fundamental principles of our company, and we will stand for what is right.

It is clear that social injustice has been too-long overlooked, and, in full support of our industry’s efforts to recognize social injustice and to foster a moment of reflection on recent events, we took June 2, 2020 as a day to pause our normal activities while taking a stand against systemic racism and violence. We thank all of our clients and industry colleagues who shared this moment with us, although it was just one step towards fairness, equality, reflection, and change.

To further this commitment towards reflection and change, beginning in 2020, Juneteenth is an official Patron Technology annual holiday to show our continued support for the Black Lives Matter movement and the continued struggle for justice across all oppressed groups. While Juneteenth is a US commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States, we encourage all of our employees and partners to join in this important recognition of the injustices in our nation's history, and further focus on taking the necessary steps today to bring equality to everyone around the globe.

We will continue to promote education within our company and industry-wide of important issues around inequality.


To learn more about how you can help fight for justice and equality, please check out the resources below.

Black Lives Matter
Color of Change
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
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