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Transform your online events into highly engaging experiences with virtual meet & greets. Our solution has all the tools you need to wow your customers while gaining new streams of revenue year-round. With powerful features like online celebrity meet & greets, interactive waiting rooms, personalized videos, and autograph requests, you’ll engage with audiences from around the world and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Celebrity Meet & Greets

Personalize the fan experience by giving them the opportunity to have full-on conversations with their favorite celebrities, artists, and creators with virtual meet & greets. Your audience will go wild for the chance to meet their idols in an intimate group or one-on-one setting. Plus, you’ll have the option to send customers a recording of their session after it’s over, which will drive brand awareness every time they share their experience online.

Gated Access

Take control over who attends your virtual meet & greet sessions by providing every customer with a unique access code to use for entry into their session. With our streamlined purchase process, you can sell tickets on fully-branded event listings and provide each customer with their access code after they purchase automatically. From there, tracking who attends your meet & greets is a breeze!

Interactive Waiting Rooms

Create a seamless experience for your audience by taking advantage of our secure waiting room. Before their meet & greet session, customers enter an interactive waiting room where they can watch pre-recorded videos of featured celebrities and sponsors. They will also complete a tech check, answer questions to help guide their upcoming conversation, and view their queue position to help ensure their session flows smoothly. 

Moderation Tools

Give your team and talent full control over every aspect of your meet & greets with advanced moderation features. Take advantage of behind-the-scenes session controls to create a smooth experience for talent and fans by adjusting time remaining if needed and removing those who aren’t following the guidelines. Use a restricted chat for communication between your staff and talent and utilize a customer queue to display all fans in the lobby to quickly identify who has completed a tech check and are ready to begin their session.

Exclusive Merchandise

Sell limited edition merchandise alongside your meet & greets on the same branded event pages you promote all your event experiences. By offering physical merchandise with your virtual meet & greets, you’ll further monetize your online experiences and drive new streams of revenue. Plus, you’ll provide customers with a physical keepsake they can’t get anywhere else to remember their incredible meet & greet session. 

Personalized Videos

Connect your global fanbase with their favorite celebrities by offering personalized, pre-recorded video messages. With personalized videos, fans can request a short video of talent answering their burning questions, telling a story, or anything else they’re dying to hear. Talent then records a response on their own time, and sends it out to fans! Not only does this add a new layer of engagement to your virtual experiences, it also drives increased brand awareness every time a customer shares their video online. 

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