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Amplify the fan journey with one flexible solution.

Create the ultimate online concert or music festival and provide a smooth fan journey from beginning to end with our integrated virtual events solution. Fully utilize our flexible solution, including all the marketing, ticketing, live streaming, and gamification tools you need to deliver an unforgettable experience. With innovative features like virtual meet & greets, in-app voting, community discussion boards, and interactive games, you’ll create a virtual concert that leaves fans begging for an encore.

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Gated Access

Take full control over who attends your online experience and keep your content secure by providing fans with unique access codes used to gain entry into your virtual concert. With our seamless purchase process, you’ll sell tickets on pages that match the look and feel of your event, and provide each customer with an access code immediately after their purchase. Then you can easily track who attends your performances, meet & greets, and other online activities.

Live Stream

Grab your cameras, mics, and the rest of your filming equipment to capture your concert’s content, and we’ll do the rest! Our virtual music solution is completely integrated, so you can easily stream live concerts, pre-recorded sessions, or a combination of the two to fit your artists’ packed schedules. Fans will be able to unlock your online content, like live performances, backstage interviews, and more throughout your entire event. You can even share a recording of your stream after it’s finished, or continue to sell access to the recording.

Artist Meet & Greets

Amplify your online experience by giving fans the opportunity to have a full-on conversation with their favorite musician. Fans love listening to your artists perform live, but they’ll go crazy for the chance to have a VIP virtual meet & greet with their idols. Fully utilize our solution to sell online sessions with your performing artists, either one-on-one or in a group setting. Whether you offer timed meet & greets, personalized pre-recorded videos, or autograph requests, we can do it. Your fans will meet their favorite artists, and receive a recording of their session as a keepsake.

Community-Driven Experiences

Music has been bringing people together for centuries, and fostering those connections online is a great way to grow your community. Bring your fans together virtually with live chats during your streams, exclusive viewing parties, real-time user-generated polls, interactive waiting rooms, and more. By empowering your fanbase from around the world to connect with each other and bond over their shared love of music, your virtual concert will bring the same sense of community as your in-person events. 

Sponsorship Engagement

Sponsorships are crucial for any music festival or concert venue, and with our solution, you can offer unique virtual sponsorship opportunities. Take your sponsorship packages beyond the usual in-app banner ads and branded push notifications by sweetening the deal with pre- and post-session sponsored videos, merchandise reveals, and more. Everyone wins: fans view exclusive sponsored content, and your sponsors receive valuable attendee data they can use for future promotional campaigns. 

Embrace the power of a dynamic concert.

Endless Possibilities

Transform your online concert into a worldwide phenomenon with a complete suite of event technology.

Nonstop Engagement

Captivate your fans with wildly engaging online experiences that immerse them in your brand throughout your virtual concert.  

Expansive Audiences

Share your epic concert with a global audience and bring your community together anywhere, at any time. 

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